MGS Database Announced

19 06 2008

Interactive compendium coming with next PSN update.

June 18, 2008 – Perhaps you’ve played through the first three Metal Gear Solid games, but still have questions and haven’t had a chance to play Metal Gear Solid 4. Then again, maybe you’ve blasted through MGS4 and don’t fully remember all of the characters and who’s connected to what person in the mythology. Don’t you fear, because Konami and Sony are going to be releasing a huge amount of information related to this massive universe in a rather creative way. On the Playstation.Blog, Brandon Laurino from Konami Online stated that the MGS4 Database will be launched tomorrow, June 19th as part of the PSN update. A free downloadable application, it features information relating to all aspects of the franchise. As Laurino said in his post, the database will include, “complete storylines, character profiles, relationship diagrams, and much more!”

Obviously, this would be an excellent way to augment any knowledge of the previous games, which is a great addition for fans. However, the MGS4 Database will also contain MGS4 spoilers with easter eggs and other hints. However, if you haven’t beaten the title yet, players don’t need to worry about spoilers, because the Database will read your save files and black out these spoilers until you’ve beaten the game once.

Laurino ended his post by highlighting that this was only one of a number of downloadable extras that Konami plans on releasing with MGS4, noting that a new camouflage pattern and iPod song have already been released, and that more was on the way.

Thanks IGN and PS Blog


PLAYSTATION Store for PC gets cosmetic makeover

15 04 2008

Just like its PS3 brethren, the PLAYSTATION Store for PC has also received a mild facelift. Changes are mild, but apparent. From the moment you type the URL into your browser, you’ll see the country select screen has changed. Instead of choosing from a drop-down menu, you can simply click on your country. Yes!

Beyond that, you’ll notice a few aesthetic differences. For example, you’ll see a red PlayStation bag icon appear on items you’ve already purchased. Head over to the Download List on top to get anything you’ve already purchased.

While the PS3 Store redesign is far more significant, it’s nice to see the Store look as sleek as it does now. Now, we’re hoping to see some real content appear on the Store. This Thursday, perhaps?

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