PlayStation Network Blow-out!

15 04 2008

Dear visitors,

Normally you see me posting news updates on the site. This time around I have an important topic to discuss so I will give you my ideas this time.

As you guys and girls can read in the post below Peter Dille from Sony had some big surprises for us in the newest article on the official PlayStation Blog. Those surprises are:

– In-Game XMB

– Video content service

– Accomplisments

– PlayStation cards

Besides these topic he also named expanded community features, rewards and PlayStation Home.

When I read the post I had a feeling in my stomach that began to grow. I’m so thrilled that Sony finally opened up their ideas and showed us dear PS fans why we believe and love Sony so much. The PlayStation Network is now finally we can call our Home and be proud of.

The PlayStation 3 always had it’s Unique Key Selling points but the way I see thing, the competition and most likely Microsoft has it’s UKS slimmed down day by day. The PlayStation brand will offer the whole package and that’s what excites me the most.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section 😉




One response

18 04 2008

Nice article, I feel the same way!

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