COD4 on the PS3 will get a Double XP weekend plus…

15 04 2008

A ‘Play With Infinity Ward’ event! Read the entire post below:

I was originally hoping we’d have all the details finalized for the upcoming launch of the Variety Map Pack on the PS3 by last week, but it’s been taking a bit longer than expected. The only thing we’re waiting on now is official dates, all the logistics are essentially worked out.

I got word today that the Variety Map Pack for PS3 has went amazingly well through Certification at Sony and they plan on having it available on the brand spanking new PSN store in the coming weeks. I’ll have an exact date for you in the very near future. I’ve seen mock-ups of the new PSN store and it looks cool, lots of new features to play around with so it’s going to be great to have the Variety Map Pack as one of the first new things available when it launches.

We’ll also be hosting a ‘Play With Infinity Ward’ event with the PS3 community when the map packs hit, I’ll post up details on that as soon as we have a firm date, as well as a Double XP weekend is in the works.

Again though, I was hoping we’d have the dates of all of this finalized by now, but I will post EXACT details and dates for the Launch of the map pack, the release of the GOTY Edition, and when you can expect Double XP weekend and Play with the devs to start.

The good news is we’ll be having all the same great promotions (i.e. Double XP Weekend, Play with Devs) on the PS3 just like we did on the Xbox 360 when we launch the Map Pack!

Thanks 4-0-2




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