Secret BBC game update

10 04 2008

It’s time for another update from Surfer Girl. This time she confirms that the secret title which you all have heard of thanks to our friends  over at BBC. This title is: ‘Heavy rain’


Also, I can confirm I was right (as were many others), that PS3 title the BBC journo said was going on about is indeed Heavy Rain. The teaser trailer, which will see release sometime in the next few months, follows the main character from a morning ritual to the frantic reaction to a seeming lacuna in time (the subsequent journey is the game’s main plotline) and the explanation of the game’s title. The technology is quite impressive, all the characters in the game are aware of the environments and contexts that they are in–it effects how they behave, what they say, how they feel, et cetera–while taking in their personality and personal experiences into account so that a character’s behavior is consistent, realistic and varied.

Check the full post here




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