iPhone to Control PS3 Blu-Ray Player

10 04 2008

In a recent Gizmodo interview with CTO Denny Breitenfeld, a NetBlender SDK will soon allow Apple’s iPhone to communicate with the PS3 console’s Blu-ray player.

According to NetBlender, iPhone users will soon be able to remotely control their PS3 using an application called BD Touch.

Denny Breitenfeld states the following:

“It’s a technology that is built into our professional Blu-Ray authoring tool that will allow studios, independent movie companies to enable BD Touch features.

These features send data in two directions from the Disc to the Iphone and vice versa. Video, Audio, text, and player commands can be sent.

So right now it seems everyone likes the “remote control” idea. However the player can control the IPhone as well. One idea is to automatically pull up IMBD of the movie you are watching right on your Iphone or send the movie information a movie database on your phone. The ideas are only limited to what people want and will use.

We are releasing an SDK for the 100k Iphone developers out there so they can take advantage of BD Touch features to build applications that easily work with all kinds of titles.”

As much as it sounds great to be able to download a song while listening to the movie’s soundtrack, I don’t think that having advertisements pop up on your iPhone while watching a movie will please many users.

Thanks PS3Center



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24 04 2008
Nintendo Wii Fit

I already have you bookmarked and plan on checking back weekly for your updates. Thanks

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