Home Beta Install on your PS3!!

10 04 2008

According to DLB over at his MySpace PS3 blog, there is a way to download the Home Beta Trail on your PS3 while you don’t have to get acces from Sony them selfs. How you might ask? Well here we go:

  1. Download PS3 Proxy Server and install it on a Windows Machine (.NET v1.1 required)
  2. Download the following two files:
  3. Edit the two above files so that all occurences of “off” are replaced with “on”
  4. Use PS3 Proxy Server to redirect the locations below to the local file on your hard drive:
  5. Configure your PS3 to use your Windows Machine as the proxy server. This can be done by setting the PS3 Proxy Settings to point to your PC IP Address (usually something like 192.168.x.x).
  6. Start the server and then restart your console
  7. If all goes well, the Home icon should appear under [Network] (between [Account Settings] and [PlayStation Store])
  8. Click the icon to download PlayStation Home

Thanks DLB




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