GTA IV is ‘biggest ever title’ for PS3 in Europe

9 04 2008

Thanks to the journalist over at Joystiq we now know that GTA IV is the best selling title on the PS3 in Europe. So COD4 and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue have some competition.


No one will be surprised by this statement: Grand Theft Auto IV‘s pre-order sales are doing incredibly well. In fact, the game is in dangerously low supply due to the incredible demand. European retailer has already sold out of its GTA pre-orders, and GAME and Gamestation are both getting close as well.

In Europe, GTA IV has become a system seller for the PS3. It seems like people are more interested in picking up Sony’s black box over on that side of the Atlantic.’s head of games Gian Luzio told MCV that GTA IV is “far and away the biggest selling title” he’d ever seen on PS3. It’s “already proving a real hardware driver … I’ve been really blown away by how quickly it’s sold on PS3.”

While that’s great news for SCEE, it’ll be interesting to see how the American launch will also fare later this month. Stay tuned.

Thanks to: Joystiq

And: PS3 Fanboy




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