Fallout 3 Preview

9 04 2008

  • Summary of the BoS article.
  • Super mutants kidnap local people and found a way to turn them into mutants.
  • You’ll be able to issue commands to Dogmeat (your Dog), e.g. tell him to bring you some items like ammo.
  • They use “active pause” instead of “VATS”.
  • The main statistic of weapons will be DPS or Damage Per Second, e.g. a shotgun has 20-40 DPS.
  • There will be addictions and diseases.
  • The world will have no invisible walls or other artificial barriers, instead of using the main entrance, you’ll be able to climb over a wall or use another alternative way in.
  • The developers are considering making the player able to complete the game without killing anyone, using only dialogues, sneaking and hacking.
  • Conclusion: Despite the complaints of orthodox fans, they are convinced that Fallout 3 is the future of RPG and will be great, but they’re worried that while having awesome gameplay and atmosphere, the game will lack black humor.

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