PSP Firmware 3.95 Out Now

8 04 2008

The latest PSP firmware is now out and enables two new features. First up is a PSP/PS3 connectivity feature that means gamers can now turn off their PS3 after leaving remote play, rather than leaving the unit in stand-by mode. Secondly, gamers now have the ability to customize PSone control settings when playing those titles on the PSP. If you don’t have the new firmware here is the link.

Official details below:-

* You can now quit Remote Play and choose to turn off your PS3 or leave it on after quitting. This is useful if you are performing a download and want to quit Remote Play, but still want your download to continue on the PS3. Select [Quit and Turn Off the PS3 System] or [Quit Without Turning Off the PS3 System] from [Quit Remote Play] when you press the HOME button on the PSP system.

* While playing PSone games on your PSP, you can now customize how the buttons are assigned by going to [Controller Settings] > [Assign Buttons] and select [Custom].




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