GTA4 preview details online multiplayer modes

8 04 2008

GameTap has finally gotten a chance to share the previously embargoed details of its recent hands-on time with Grand Theft Auto IV. The preview discusses four of the game’s fifteen online modes: Team Deathmatch, GTA Race, Cops ‘N Crooks (a Counter-Strike style team match) and Hangman’s Noose (a co-operative escort mission).

Among the interesting details discussed (some of which have also been revealed elsewhere):

  • Previously rumored 16-player online play is confirmed.
  • The online maps aren’t changed in any way from single-player — you can still drive vehicles from one end of the city to the other, if you want.
  • There’s no co-op option for the single-player missions, but many online modes allow for cooperation.
  • Ranked online matches earn players in-game cash for character customization. Higher difficulty means more cash.
  • Race mode can be played with or without weapons.
  • The volume of other characters voices will vary depending on their distance from you. “So if you hear an enemy’s voice, he’s probably right behind you and it’s too late.”

The most telling quote in the preview is Vice President of Game Development Geronimo Barrera’s suggestion that “after players earn the cell phone in the single-player game (which takes about five minutes), if they want they can jump online and never even play the single-player again.” With the extremely varied multiplayer options, we might just be taking him up on that.

Note: GameTap’s servers are getting hit pretty hard, so the Read link may not load for a while.

Update: They’re all live! has posted links to numerous multiplayer previews. (Thanks Cal!)




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